As a firm leader and director of operations, Mr. Beard has been instrumental in guiding and contributing to the growth of Westberg White. With more than twenty-five years of planning and design experience for education clients, he sets the tone and direction for project programming, planning and design.

Greg attended Rio Hondo College studying Architecture prior to joining his first architectural firm in the mid-eighties. He was mentored early-on by notable Architectural firm leaders and now brings this experience and wisdom to the firm by overseeing staff and advising colleagues on their day-to-day activities. Greg’s experience balanced with his approachable personality plays a key role in championing Westberg White’s major initiatives.

For Greg, client service is foremost as he finds ways to design toward a more effective learning and teaching experience. He is well versed with DSA, the College Governance process, as well as city and county jurisdictional processes. His understanding of how to best fulfill the goals for project stakeholders and end-users is well known in the industry, rewarding the firm with many long-term clients.

Additional Projects